Discover The Power Of Credit Enhancement And How to Use Them To Back Up Both International And Nationwide Loans!


International loans and their associated credit enhancement, until now, have been out of reach of the average borrower and investor. For years, they have been enjoyed only by the insiders and the wealthy, like the Kennedy’s, Rockefeller’s, Fords, Getty’s, and others.

Now for the first time, you can take advantage of this reclusive technique of borrowing money that is backed by innovative collateral enhancements. The information revealed here together with our consultation services will answer many of your questions on both international loans and nationwide loan opportunities and credit enhancements. We will set the record straight and dispel any myths and misunderstanding that prevail in the market.

Why Are We So Uniquely
Qualified To Help You?

We are an international loan and financial service center and a clearinghouse for information on collateral back-up programs, surety bonds, pay-on-default instruments and many of the popular collateral enhancements to back up loans, high risk ventures and a variety of financial transactions.

Our experience since 1980 in making and implementing business decisions in lending matters in the areas of credit enhancements both domestic and internationally enables us to offer realistic recommendations on your specific situation. We are committed to providing you with the most balanced view of any viable lending situation.

We also have facilities for a variety of sophisticated lending placement, international loans, credit related counseling services, informational and other capital services such as

  • international credit report retrieval
  • rentable collateral
  • stock portfolio loans
  • credit mergers and acquisitions
  • credit card acquisitions
  • credit repair
  • co-signer funding
  • credit builder lines
  • 100% no-money down plans

and many more..

A New Era For Serious Loan Brokers,
Or Specialty Collateral Consultants

The question I’m constantly being asked is this … “Besides using your program to fund my project, can I become any of the following: A loan broker, money broker, finance broker, venture capital consultant, business loan broker, commercial loan broker, small business loan broker, or mortgage loan broker?”

The answer is a resounding “YES, you can become a loan broker or what we call Specialty Collateral Consultant with our program arranging broker loans, international loans and collateral enhancements for your clients.” In fact, our program offers the best loan broker business opportunity there is on a global scale.

If there was a loan broker school where you could go for quick instructions to acquire the necessary skills in no time flat and take advantage of all the inside KNOW-HOW of loan brokering as a home business opportunity, THIS IS IT!

Here’s what we do that you can be part of. We offer an extensive array of loan programs, mostly backed by private funds, that includes but not limited to the following financing: international loans and project financing, venture capital, trade financing, real estate funding, business loans, equipment financing & leasing, commercial loans, and international credit enhancements and collateral back-up programs.

We are fully prepared to consult and assist you with any temporary or permanent financing needs. We consult with commercial loan brokers, capital consultants, international funding organizations, finance consultants, capital agents, international funding associations, finance stock brokers, finders, finance brokers and intermediaries throughout the entire free world.

Resolve Your Financial Problems Now
And/Or Become a Loan Broker!

For those whose loans have already been committed subject to the procurement of legitimate credit and collateral-back up options, financial indemnity, surety bonds and other default enhancements, or those seeking credit and collateral instruments to back up their loans to protect their lenders against bankruptcy, our “Specialty Collateral Acquisition And Consultant” program will prove invaluable.

This program, perhaps the only one of its kind in the world (that tackles international loans) is widely used by both career loan brokers, venture capital consultants and would-be finance and loan brokers. It reveals everything there is to learn about the collateral and credit enhancement marketplace… what options are available, how they are legitimately used, and how to acquire them successfully.

You will learn about the scams and schemes that often lie in wait for the unwary, and most importantly how to help your clients and others and walk through the process professionally. And, if you choose, you can make a solid career of this simply helping fill the huge demand for these services. It’s a tremendous financial opportunity… for both nationwide and international loans.

In fact, financial professionals as well as folks from all walks of life looking for loan broker opportunities or training, or seeking to become full-service mortgage brokers or online loan brokers, rate our Specialty Collateral Consulting programs and services as indispensable. You too will soon find out!

It’s Easy To Get The Facts

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